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About Us

PureCana was started in 2020 with our focus in redefining wellness through CBD. From its grassroots of Sioux Falls, SD, we are excited to offer products to customers all across the United States. PureCana strives to live up to word “Pure” in its name by offering products that only have top ingredients to help live a healthier lifestyle.

As PureCana grows we will focus on adding new products into the mix of everyday healthy living to take care of our customers. We will continue to strive for purity and ingredients that no one else in our industry does. From the soil to the oil, our products don’t contain any GMO’s, are gluten free and made right here in the USA.

As more studies come to surface on CBD, CBG and CBN more and more customers are benefiting from the properties that hemp can offer our bodies. PureCana is taking a stand to create only the purest CBD products on the market with the mindset of what we put into our bodies is what we get out of our bodies.

We hope that you enjoy the benefits our products have to offer.

Nick Kolterman, Founder PureCana